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Kommunity Brew

Authentic Kombucha

Premium craft brewed beverages

Fermented beverages, brewed for their life-giving properties, flavoured using only the most premium and natural ingredients

What Our Customers Say

Great healthy replacement to alcoholic beverages every day. It's refreshing and fizzy. Pure ingredients from nature, no fake "natural flavours". Awesome products and brilliant service.


I love every single flavour in my mixed dozen. Such beautifully made, good quality Kombucha. Really recommend supporting this local producer. As someone who has brewed Kombucha at home for a few years, I can definitely vouch for it.


I am so happy to have found this brand which uses low amounts of natural sugars. It keeps my bloating at bay plus the favours are amazing. The ginger & turmeric being my favourite. It's my new everyday staple!


Love the community brew products. Probiotic drinks are my favourite. Had the good fortune to tour the factory before COVID. Man these guys put so much heart into these products, they do so much to make sure they're sustainable and ethical. Appreciate you guys!