Kombucha and Water Kefir are stories of origins, including our own. Ancient brews 2000 years in the making; an internal culture fizzing with good health and vitality, wild organisms, fermentations and terroir. Times are changing. And so is how we behave. And what we drink. In a climate of craft and artisan practices, of wellness and conscious gatherings, or environmentalisms and abstinence, probiotic fermented drinks, drinks brewed for their life-giving properties are part of the future.   

Kommunity Brew creates drinks for all people. Because we believe in a healthy balance. Fermented drinks, Kombucha and Water Kefir as an alternative, not a replacement. The perfect companion to a happy life, or a day to feel good about yourself.  

Kommunity Brew is made for the Australian way of life: the roar of breaking waves, the clinking of glasses in bars, of mats gripping in yoga studios, of late afternoon sunlight filtering through gumtrees and the sting of sunscreen and saltwater. As this Australian way of life continues to take new forms, Kommunity Brew has the ability to be something quite incredible: drinks synonymous not just with Australian health, culture and mateship, but a symbol - a starter you may say - for the next 2000 years.