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Lessons From A Blended Family

As Father's Day approaches, we sat down with our CEO, Mason Bagios, as he reflects on learnings, the love and challenges that accompany fatherhood in a blended family. 

His son, Clay, entered his life nearly eight years ago, shortly before turning three.

These eight years have been incredible, filled with love and laughter as Clay, the child of his now-wife, has grown into a teenager-in-waiting. Naturally, there have been numerous lessons learned while navigating the unique challenges of life in a blended family.

With two fathers, two mothers, two households, and double sets of grandparents involved, it's been a journey of growth and understanding for everyone. While Clay has progressed from kindergarten to primary school, preparing for high school, Mason has had his own share of learning experiences.

One crucial lesson learned is that a collaborative approach is beneficial in blended families. Mason appreciates the fact that in their family, both fathers, both mothers, and all the grandparents get along harmoniously.

Furthermore, he has come to understand that both households may have different rules, and accepting these differences is essential. Feeling like an outsider is a common experience for stepparents, and it's vital to acknowledge this and find ways to include them in the parenting plan.

Making time for romance is another valuable lesson Mason has learned, as it strengthens his relationship with his wife. Additionally, understanding and respecting each other's communication styles has been crucial for them as young parents in a blended family.

Above all, Mason has realized that in a blended family, prioritising the child's experience is paramount. Supporting each other's parenting methods, as long as there are no clear conflicts in values, is essential for a harmonious family dynamic.

But perhaps the most important lesson of all is that in a blended family, there are more people genuinely caring for the child's development. This means even more love and laughter to go around for the world's big, beautiful blended families.