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Sustainability and Kommunity Brew

Article by Amelia Rigby

As Earth Day approaches, Kommunity Brew takes a moment to reflect on our core values, future goals and the brand's humble beginnings. We sat back and opened a cold one (a kombucha) with one founder and CEO of Kommunity Brew, Mason Bagios, and discovered the brand's core value; sustainability. 

Since inception, Mason & Jarred have always had sustainability at the forefront of their minds. They have always been resourceful and composted any waste in their home gardens. To this day, this tradition continues. A pro tip for composters, earthworms LOVE coffee grinds so please put them in your soil! 

Fun fact, Kommunity Brew is one of the few beverage brands in Australia that create and produce their own product in house. Their modern micro-brewery in Lathlain is split in two; a conventional, open planned office space where the marketing and communications team exists; with the back part of the building operating as a fully functional brewery where product creation, packaging and distribution takes place (with the occasional Katy Perry song playing on the speakers). 

The building itself was once an old ice-cream factory that had been dilapidated and left for years, Mason describing it as “a real eyesore for the community”. Jarred, being quite resourceful & the home handyman - took to a complete refurbishment, completely rebuilding the internal layout of the building. Many materials used in the rebuild have been recycled or upcycled. The desks used by marketing staff were originally used as racking, and other reclaimed items were constructed into balustrades and handrails. 

In addition to the rebuild of the now Kommunity Brew home, the building utilises solar power which makes up 70% of their total energy consumption. However, one of Masons’ major goals for the company is to be completely independent from coal powered plants by 2025. 

Furthermore, all packaging used by Kommunity Brew is recyclable and repurposable. All glass used by the brand is recyclable, including the health shot bottles, so please place them in the yellow bin after you have sipped their goodness. As for Kombucha bottles, Kommunity Brew participates in the ‘Containers for Change’ programme, so ensure you take your kombucha bottles and collect your money!