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Q. Can I Add Flavouring To Water Kefir While It Is Culturing?

A. We do not recommend adding fruit or other flavouring to the water kefir with the grains. Some fruits and other flavouring may be damaging to the water kefir grains

Q. My Water Kefir Flavoured With Fresh Fruit Tastes Off, Too Strong, Or Like Alcohol. What Have I Done Wrong?

A. When using fresh fruit to flavour water kefir, remove the fruit after 24 hours. Add fresh fruit every 24 hours if a longer culturing period is desired.

Q. Is There Any Danger Of The Glass Container Exploding Under The Carbonation Pressure When Bottling Water Kefir?

A. While it is possible for bottles to explode, it is more common for lids to fly off, particularly when being opened. We recommend keeping your whole hand over the lid of the container as you open it. Check bottles for cracks or imperfections before use.