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Q. How Much Sugar Does Finished Water Kefir Contain? How Can I Reduce The Amount Of Sugar In The Finished Water Kefir?

A. The remaining sugar in finished water kefir will vary depending on ingredients used and culturing conditions. Generally speaking, water kefir cultured for 48-hours will result in less remaining sugar than water kefir cultured 24-hours under similar conditions.

Q. My Finished Water Kefir Is Syrupy Or Thick. What's Wrong?

A. Water kefir can be syrupy for a couple of reasons:

  • Over-mineralization: An unrefined sugar and water that is high in minerals may be too much for the grains. Too much mineral supplementation can also cause grains to break apart and turn mushy or yield syrupy water kefir. Reduce the mineral content of your sugar water solution as soon as possible, to allow the grains to recover.
  • Improper ingredients: Coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey, and other sweeteners are not the best food for water kefir grains.

Q. Does Finished Water Kefir Contain Alcohol?

A. Yes, as with all cultured and fermented foods, a small amount of naturally occurring alcohol is typically present in the finished product. Although the amount will vary from batch to batch, for the typical brewing period, the amount should be quite low.

Q. Do I Need To Strain The Finished Water Kefir?

A. Straining finished water kefir isn't necessary. The reason for straining water kefir is to capture the grains easily.

Q. My Water Kefir Tastes Flat. How Can I Increase The Amount Of Carbonation?

A. There are a few ways to increase the amount of carbonation in water kefir:

  • When working with water kefir grains that were previously dehydrated for shipment, it can take a few batches for the finished kefir to be bubbly. This is normal.
  • Whole unrefined sugars will normally produce a more bubbly water kefir than water kefir made with white sugar.
  • Once the culturing process is complete and the grains have been removed, bottle the finished water kefir with or without added flavouring for 24-72 hours in a tightly-sealed bottle, to allow carbonation to build. Bottling water kefir is necessary for a very fizzy finished water kefir drink.