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Kombucha Kitchen

In the Kombucha Kitchen - Our favourite things to make with kombucha

By Mason Bagios

While we’re all for simply opening a bottle of ’booch and drinking it, we also know it can add a neat twist to some of our favourite foods.

From refreshing any-time desserts to snacks on the go, its natural deliciousness is making its mark in kitchens far and wide. Just ask your favourite wholefood chef.

And keeping the kombucha cold means you still get all those wonderful health-giving properties.

Probiotic boost? Yes please!

Low in sugar? You bet!

All-natural effervescence? Oh yeah!

Whether you’re brewing your own using our easy DIY Culture Kit or choosing from our range of ready-to-drink taste sensations, here are some of our favourite things to make with kombucha. 

Ceviche: Kombucha vinegar, lime juice and sea salt. Three simple ingredients for perfectly cured fish. 

Sourdough bread: All the flavour and goodness of a sourdough loaf, without needing (no pun intended!) a traditional sourdough starter. What’s not to like? All Kommunity Brew kombucha are ‘alive’. This means they can work their magic to give you the easiest home-baked sourdough ever. 

Salad dressing: Use in place of vinegar to add a dose of probiotics to your greenery. A Kommunity Brew kombucha straight from the bottle will yield subtle, sweet notes. Brewing your own? If you like a well-brewed ‘booch this will give your dressing a tangier taste.

Sorbet: Frozen berries ‘n’ ’booch blended. A match made in heaven.

Jam: Grab fresh or frozen fruit, chia seeds, kombucha and your trusty blender to whip up some wholesome jam for that freshly baked kombucha sourdough.  

Date balls: Let chia seeds soak up all that probiotic goodness before adding dates, nuts and seeds for a power-packed snack.

Popsicles: Perfect on a summer’s day, whatever your age. Fresh fruit and kombucha frozen into icy bliss. 

If you brew your own kombucha and are retiring a SCOBY, and have a dehydrator to hand, then how about making:

Fruit straps: A healthy snack that’s tasty and chewy. 

Dog treats: Sharing the love with your four-legged friend.