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Boozeless Dates

Drinks for romantic booze-free dates

By Jarred Dickie, Culture Advocate, Kommunity Brew

Flowers, chocolates and champagne have long been seen as the quintessential ingredients for a romantic date. But times are changing.

With a growing number of us cutting back on the booze, or abstaining altogether, the classic glass of bubbles is getting a rethink. 

Here are some tips for swapping out the champagne – or wine, beer, or cocktails – in favour of a booze-free tipple when you’re with that someone special. 

Set the scene

Whether it’s a new romance, a budding romance, or a love affair that’s just got better and better over the years, enjoy the sense of occasion. The romance is in the mood, the fun, the conversation, the time shared. Candlelight and roses are just the beginning. 

Make it a classic mocktail

Many popular cocktails have been reinvented as non-alcoholic versions. What about a Nojito? Just as impressive in a tall glass as it’s alter-ego, but minus the rum. Or a Virgin Mary, a classic like the original but without the vodka. Or a Mockmosa. It’s sunny and elegantly effervescent in a champagne flute, but the fizz is non-alcoholic.  

Talking of fizz, our kombucha is a naturally sparkling beverage perfect for mocktail mixologists. The Ginger Turmeric mocktail is one of my favourites. Just add one cup of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice to one 375ml bottle of our Ginger Turmeric kombucha. For that final flourish, garnish with orange slices, mint leaves and rosemary flowers or a pinch of cayenne pepper if you love spice.

Find the perfect match

Things don’t have to get complicated. Simply play match-maker with our range of naturally brewed kombucha. Organic Tropical Hops will wake up a tired beer palette, while wine drinkers will tune into the subtleties of Organic Wild Jasmine. Pack a punch with Organic Ginger and Turmeric or dial up the colour and fruit flavours with Organic Raspberry Blossom.

Go wild

Be bold with different garnishes and flavours to create your own signature drink. From aromatic rosemary and mint, to fruity additions such as strawberries, blueberries and citrus, take your inspiration from nature’s pantry for a date-night drink that’s dressed to impress. 

Explore the menu

Skipping the alcohol doesn’t mean you have to settle for a sugary soft drink or lacklustre orange juice. If you’ve headed to a bar or restaurant for your date, ask if they can whip up your favourite mocktail. Or keep an eye out for kombucha on the menu. And don’t be afraid to ask for it in a fancy glass!