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Making Homemade Kombucha

Q. Can I make my homemade kombucha tea taste like that bought at the grocery store?

A. Yes, experimenting with the type of tea, fermentation time, and flavour additives (fruit, juice, ginger, etc.) you can invent your own kombucha tea flavours, or you can try to replicate a commercial flavour. Learn more about Flavouring and Bottling Kombucha HERE.

Q. What supplies will I need for making kombucha tea?

A. Making kombucha doesn't require anything too fancy. You may consider using a DIY Kombucha Culture Kit for brewing which includes everything you need to get started. Glass is the most popular choice for brewing kombucha while most utensils are simple.

Q. What type of sugar should I use to make kombucha? What type of tea? What type of water?

A. We have made it simple to start your first brew by offering our Signature Tea Blend available online. When deciding on what water to use the main consideration is hygiene. We advise using Reverse Osmosis or filtered water for your fermentation. If you have a reputable source of spring water, that can work well too. Sugars will come down to experimentation and what you want to train your culture to digest, as a rule of thumb simple sugars such as cane or white sugar are going to give consistent and speedy ferments. Avoid heavy and complex sugars such as honey or molasses, as they will be difficult for the culture to ferment.

Q. What is the process to make kombucha?

A. Making kombucha tea at home involves making tea, adding a starter culture (SCOBY) and letting it culture in a warm spot for 7-30 days. You can take precise measurements as part of Advanced Brewing Methods recording pH, Brix and more, though these are not necessary to get started.

Q. Where can I view the instructions for making kombucha?

A. Click here to purchase a DIY Kombucha Culture Kit with instructions.