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Carbonation, Reducing Residual Sugar and Storage.

Q. How Do I Increase The Carbonation Of My Kombucha Tea?

A. Bottling kombucha in an airtight bottle helps to increase carbonation. Learn more about Flavouring and Bottling Kombucha

Q. Is There Any Danger Of The Glass Container Exploding Under The Carbonation Pressure When Bottling Kombucha?

A. While it is possible for bottles to explode, it is more common for lids to fly off, particularly when being opened. We recommend keeping your whole hand over the lid of the container as you open it. Check bottles for cracks or imperfections before use

Q. Can I use less sugar or alter any ingredients used to make kombucha?

A. We strongly recommend following the INSTRUCTIONS included in our DIY Kombucha Culture Kit. The recipe was designed to encourage a proper balance, which discourages the growth of mould and the spoiling of the batch. It also helps ensure the SCOBY gets enough food to culture properly.

Q. Does Finished Kombucha Contain Alcohol?

A. Yes, as with all cultured and fermented foods, a small amount of naturally occurring alcohol is typically present in the finished product. Although the amount contained in kombucha will vary from batch to batch, the amount should be quite small.

Q. Can I use a plastic container to brew kombucha and plastic bottles to store it?

A. We recommend glass containers when working with starter cultures, because of the potential of plastic to leach undesirable chemicals. Additionally, plastic is more easily damaged, often without your knowledge, which can result in hidden bacteria that may disrupt the culturing process.