Operations Director & Founder

All things mechanical and workflow, Jarred enters a flow state when working on machinery and operations. Practioner of yoga with a bellowing laugh, Jarred has a spiritual and compassionate approach to process management and is often the source of laughter in Kommunity Brew. Jarred has studied Naturopathy and is deeply intuitive with his health practice. As a leader he contributes his balanced and spiritual voice to our decision making.


Chief Executive Officer & Founder

The Numbers Guy. Mason gets his kicks talking economics, perfecting his free-style form and raising a young family. Mason started his professional life in bars and nightclubs, and after shifting his life towards natural health, he began studying Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and meditation. He is devoted to his family, a life of sobriety and moderation. His favourite books are the Tao Te Ching and Freakonomics. He contributes pragmatism and fervor to the workplace, being a source of constant drive and betterment.


QAQC Director & Founder

Quality, Questioning and Craft. Beau is a serial inventor and tinkerer of all things beverage, permaculture and personal development. A fellow of many interests. Beau started his career in commercial brewing and distilling in Albany, Western Australia working at the prestigious Limeburners distillery and Tangle Head Brewery. A constant learner; Beau applied his forever-learning attitude to his personal shift towards a healthier and intuned-with-nature lifestyle by mastering kombucha fermentation. Beau contributes technical knowledge of brewing, beverage design and quality control to our truly authentic brews at Kommunity Brew.