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Q. How Can I Flavour My Kombucha Tea?

A. There are lots of ways to flavour kombucha tea! In our how-to video on Flavouring and Bottling Kombucha we show you how to flavour and bottle your homemade kombucha tea, plus include our favourite kombucha flavour ideas! 

Q. What Ratio Of Juice To Kombucha Should I Use For The Second Fermentation (To Add Flavour)?

A. For a second fermentation, a ratio of 20% juice and 80% kombucha generally works well. You can also experiment with other ratios to change the flavour.

Q. How Do I Increase The Carbonation Of My Kombucha Tea?

A. Bottling kombucha in an airtight bottle helps to increase carbonation. Learn more about Flavouring and Bottling Kombucha

Q. Is There Any Danger Of The Glass Container Exploding Under The Carbonation Pressure When Bottling Kombucha?

A. While it is possible for bottles to explode, it is more common for lids to fly off, particularly when being opened. We recommend keeping your whole hand over the lid of the container as you open it. Check bottles for cracks or imperfections before use

Q. Where Can I View The Instructions For Making Kombucha?

A. Click here to purchase a DIY Kombucha Culture Kit with instructions.