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Q. Will Kombucha Tea Starters Multiply?

A. Kombucha tea cultures multiply. Each time you brew a batch of Kombucha tea a new starter culture will form. The original starter culture ("the mother") and the new starter culture ("the baby") can each be used to brew a new batch of kombucha tea.
Note: It may take several batches for a baby to form after initial rehydration.

Q. My Kombucha Has Been Fermenting For A Period Of Time And Is Developing A Cloudy Layer On Top. Is This Normal?

A. Yes. The cloudy white layer is the beginning of a SCOBY kombucha culture. The formation of a new culture is one sign that your batch of kombucha is fermenting properly.

Q. My Kombucha Has Been Fermenting For A Period Of Time And Is Developing A Cloudy Layer On Top. Is This Normal?

A. The brown stringy particles are yeast particles and are harmless. They are a natural by-product of the fermentation process. You can strain them out of the finished kombucha if desired. The yeasts are responsible for the breakdown of sugar in your kombucha.

Q. The SCOBY Kombucha Culture Seems To Have Detached From The Container Opening. Will This Affect The Fermentation Process?

A. Having the SCOBY kombucha culture detach from the container opening does not affect the fermentation process.

Q. I've Been Storing A Batch Of Finished Kombucha For A Few Days And It Seems To Be Developing A Jelly-Like Mass On Top. Is This Normal? What Is It?

A. The jelly-like mass is the beginning of a SCOBY kombucha culture. Even after the main kombucha culture is removed, the kombucha remains full of living yeast and bacteria which continue to ferment slowly on their own. As a result, idle kombucha will eventually form a new baby culture.

Q. One Of My Kombucha Cultures Has A Hole In It Or Is Split Into Pieces Because I Had To Separate It From Mother Culture After They Fused. Can I Still Use It?

A. Kombucha cultures will work just fine even with holes or if they have been torn in half.

Q. Does The Size Of The Kombucha Culture Matter In Relation To How Much Kombucha I Will Be Brewing?

A. No, even a small kombucha culture will effectively ferment a full gallon of kombucha. We recommend using a culture or a piece of a culture. The culture should be at least 8 centimetres in diameter.

Q. I've Been Brewing Kombucha For Awhile And Am Overrun With Kombucha Scobys. What Can I Do With Them?

A. In small quantities SCOBYs can be composted, if you do this regularly you won’t end up with too much. If you have the time, cut/shred the SCOBY into smaller pieces for better breakdown.